GAC’s gyroplane and gyrodyne technology can provide solutions for the commercial and military needs for vertical lift aircraft that are safe, economical, reliable, fast and capable of meaningful loads and ranges. The gyroplane and gyrodyne platforms can replace both airplanes and helicopters for a variety of applications, both manned and unmanned. And at the same time, this technology can create entirely new markets for vertical lift aircraft that heretofore could not be serviced by existing VTOL aircraft.

Just as the jet engine transformed the airplane market, and the cell-phone created a new and massive telephone business, this technology can also be the ‘disruptive’ introduction that establishes a vitally important new constituent in the aircraft and transportation industries. A safe, economical airplane that does not need runways can have an impact on the world’s transportation needs that has not been seen since the advent of the Jet Age.


Roadmap For Technology & Aircraft Development by Market Segments

GBA Roadmap