GAC GyroLiner and GyroFreighter designs would use existing production commuter airliners as the airframe basis for new VTOL and USTOL (Ultra-Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft in the form of both gyroplanes and gyrodynes. There are a variety of existing commuter airliners and military aircraft whose designs can relatively easily (compared to a ground up new design) be modified during the build process to become GAC GyroLiners and GAC GyroLifters (VTOL military transport).  Taking advantage of existing designs could save tremendous time and resources in comparison to developing new USTOL and VTOL airliners and transport aircraft.

As its technology matures, GAC will be seeking to partner with manufacturers of regional airliners to produce a variety of vertical take-off and landing aircraft that are optimized in sizes of 19 to 100 seats, 305 to 435 nm (565 to 805 km) range, and 217 to 305 knots in forward speed.  These runway independent airliners will transform the airline industry, rescuing it from unbearable gridlock that otherwise has no relief in sight.  This technology will also create a “downtown to downtown” airline transport market, heretofore unable to be economically serviced by existing VTOL aircraft designs.

Baseline Design Criteria  

  • Size  From 19 Passengers to 100 Passengers with Baggage Cargo Variants in similar sizes to the passenger versions
  • Performance 305 nm (565 km) Range with IFR Reserve 270 knots (500 km/hr) Cruise
  • Operations 
    • Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), or Ultra-Short Takeoff and Landing (U-STOL), both permitting “runway independent aircraft” (RIA) operations
    • Pressurized Comfort with All Weather Reliability
    • Safe, Low-cost, Low Maintenance, and Reliable High Mission Readiness

GBA Gyroliner over city view