Military Heavy Lift Transport, the GAC GyroLifter™

The Department of Defense (DoD) has recognized the important strategic need to have the capability to deliver troops and their heavy weapons rapidly and from afar to locations without runways.  It has been seeking a vertical take-off aircraft capable of speeds up to 240 knots (450 km/hr), a payload of 25 tons, with a range of up to 450 nm (835 km) miles.  As demonstrated by the Fairey Rotodyne and the Heliplane project, GAC’s Gyrodyne concept is the most promising technology for the development of such a heavy lift military transport aircraft.


civilian heavy liftCivilian Heavy Lift Transport, the GAC GyroLifter and Monsoon™ Gyrodynes

Demand in the civilian marketplace for a modern GyroLifter capable of vertical take-off and speeds over 240 knots (450 km/hr), with a 25 ton payload and a range of up to 450 nm (835km), is likely to be very high.

The Monsoon GyroLifter is a fire fighting aircraft for both wildfires and high rise building fires using a water cannon, with water carrying capacity far greater than typical helicopters.  Because it can hover, it can draw from nearly any standing water source near the fire.