Rotor & Wing magazine

“the Groen Brothers [GAC] team amounts to a powerhouse of rotorcraft research,”  Rotor & Wing magazine (regarding the DARPA Heliplane Program)

Aerospace Industries Association

“What the Wright Brothers did for the airplane, the Groen Brothers [GAC] are doing for the gyroplane today” Aerospace Industries Association (AIA in the US)

Institute of Flight Systems

“[We] expect the future of rotorcraft and commuter transportation to be sustained autorotative flight… and GBA [GAC] is the only company in the world who fully understands this technology and is ahead by 20 years.” Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und … Continued

Office of Undersecretary of Defense

“[Current helicopter manufacturers have] gotten behind the power curve… the U.S. government needs to start building vertical lift aircraft from scratch and not just focus on upgrading existing helicopters.” ‘The Vertical Lift Industrial Base: 2004-2014’ Office of Undersecretary of Defense


“The continuing success of aviation and the benefits it provides will require changes to accommodate demand … and this is the most critical long-term issue facing all aspects of the air transportation system … this may require widespread adoption of … Continued

Don woodbury

“If the program is successful, it will change the nature of VTOL. It could be the birth of a new age of rotary-wing aviation.”  Don Woodbury Program Manager Tactical Technology Office DARPA


“…no one understands autorotative flight better than GBA [GAC]” Boeing Phantom Works